If we’re lucky enough and unlucky enough, at some point in our lives we have experienced great pain.  The pain was enough to cause us to look, to examine, to learn, to accept, and if possible to fix it.

How do we continue to have these periods of growth and correction without being fueled by immense pain?

Pain is an amazing motivator.  We like to avoid it as much as we can.  We also like to solve it as quickly as possible.  Discomfort is a different animal.  It seems we can avoid it or live with it indefinitely.  Whatever our avoidance of choice is, food, hobby, staying busy, it takes our minds off of discomfort.  Discomfort is present, in the here and now.  Avoidance, our escape, focuses our minds on a task, on a pleasure, anything but being uncomfortable.

In between the episodes of pain that force us examine our lives, discomfort is where we can spend time, to sit, to learn, to understand, and possibly to change what’s broken.  Whatever we’re avoiding, whatever is causing discomfort, whatever is causing anxiety, whatever we’re scared of, they’re probably what we need to look at.