Glitchy Keyboards? or Motherboards?

I never thought this would be a problem. My keyboard needed a better power supply. Yes, my keyboard. No, it’s not as bad as it sounds.

I have one of those backlit keyboards, a Corsair RGB K70. Before that I had a Max Keyboard X8 which also had the same problem. On my “old” PC, it would often boot with the keyboard frozen. The backlight would be on but none of the keys worked. The Corsair keyboard came with two USB plugs to help it draw more power but plugging both directly into the computer did not help. What did help was to connect the keyboard through a powered USB hub instead; one plug was enough. It needs to be a powered hub since power during boot was the problem. And bingo, no more boot problems.

It’s not that the keyboard draws a large amount of power. Once the machine booted it could careless how it was connected. But during boot the power was being interrupted by the motherboard enough that the keyboard itself couldn’t boot correctly. These were both programmable keyboards with their own firmware which includes a boot process. The powered USB hub provided consistent power and solved the problem.