2017-04 Android Apps Short List

This is a short list of lesser known apps I use that may make life a little easier.

Aquamail Pro: If you only use one email account then this is overkill. However if you juggle multiple accounts from multiple sources then this is one of the better solutions. IMAP folder support is excellent. TLS is supported in both directions with certificate pinning on the receive side. There are tons of customization options which can be overwhelming at times.

Flym: My primary method of keeping up with different sites is through feeds (RSS/Atom). Flym is open source and has served me well for several years now.

AntennaPod: My preferred method of keeping up with podcasts is again through feeds. AntennaPod is open source as well. One feature I use heavily is the variable playback speed. Some people speak slowly enough where 2x playback speed sounds normal.

Resilio Sync: Originally Bittorrent Sync, this app lets me sync files between devices without going through someone else’s servers. This is how I synchronize files between desktop, NAS, laptop, and phone. Don’t leave it running all the time though as there is a battery drain penalty. The open source alternative is Syncthing which I may try once it’s more stable.