Smart Watches

The problem with smart watches is that we end up paying for a device that only lasts a limited number of years. Take the Apple Watch for example. The cheapest version for the Series 3 Apple Watch right now is $329. After some years the battery will stop holding a charge and the software will stop getting updated. Good luck finding a smart watch with a replaceable battery.

For the same money I could buy a traditional watch from any number of brands with unique designs. What’s more is that traditional watches with replaceable batteries could last for decades. Some watches get passed down through generations. This won’t happen with smart watches the way they’re designed now. Because of their design and the pace of innovation our smart watches are destined for the landfill instead of the next generation.

What we’re really paying for is the latest convenience and distraction. In terms of design, most of these smart watches are quite boring compared to the likes of Diesel, Citizen, not to mention much cheaper brands. So the question is, how much is the latest disposable convenience worth to us?